The Karens

The Karens are 100 significant Shoalhaven peaks and high points that make interesting walk destinations. The list was compiled by Karen Davis in early 2023, and the article she wrote to introduce the Karens can be found by following this link - the Karens article. Click here to download a KML file of the Karens - the Karens KML file. This file can be opened in Google Earth to show the locations of all 100 high points.

NumberNameHeightTopo Map
1Mount Budawang (fire tower)1138Braidwood
2Currockbilly Mountain (trig)1132Brooman
3Bimberamala (spot height)994Brooman
4Mount Roberts940Brooman
5Mount Tarn910Corang
6Mount Bibbenluke890Corang
7Wog Wog Mountain880Corang
8Mount Haughton877Endrick
9Mount Cole877Corang
10Mount Owen876Corang
11Corang Peak (trig)863Corang
12Quiltys Mountain trig)863Endrick
13Shrouded Gods Mountain852Corang
14Donjon Mountain850Corang
15Sturgiss Mountain848Endrick
16Bimberamala (spot height)845Brooman
17Mount Nibelung840Corang
18The Castle836Corang
19Korra Hill830Corang
20Mount Mooryan824Corang
21Sassafras Trig822Endrick
22Galbraith Plateau814Endrick
23Newhaven Gap (spot height)798Endrick
24Coolumburra Trig796Nerriga
25St Georges (spot height)793Nerriga
26Bulee Hill (trig)791Touga
27Mount Elliott788Endrick
28Folly Point (spot height)784Endrick
29Talaterang Mountain779Milton
30Rolfe Trig779Nerriga
31Gilberts Gap (spot height)772Endrick
32Island Mountain770Endrick
33Back Pack Hill770Touga
34Mount Tianjara (trig)768Tianjara
35Jones Creek (spot height)768Nerriga
36Coolumburra Mountain758Nerriga
37Bhundoo Hill730Tianjara
38Inquisition Hill730Touga
39Wineglass Tor721Touga
40Pigeon House Mountain720Milton
41Wirritin Mountain720Corang
42Rodgers Hill720Touga
43Kangaroo Hill716Tianjara
44Billys Hill707Touga
45Judgement Hill697Touga
46Mount Carrialoo (trig)687Bundanoon
47Hamlet Crown678Touga
48Tallowal Hill (trig)664Touga
49Water Race Creek (spot height)643Nerriga
50Mount Bushwalker640Tianjara
51Sturgiss Hill640Yalwal
52Ettrema Hill (trig)638Yalwal
53Webbs Crown636Tianjara
54Browns Mountain (trig)627Berry
55Mount Scanzi (trig)627Burrier
56Cambewarra Mountain620Berry
57Barangary Trig619Kangaroo Valley
58Handcuff Hill617Touga
59Pinchgut Hill617Yalwal
60Drawing Room Rocks610Kangaroo Valley
61Red Rocks (spot height)610Berry
62Bellawongarah Mountain (trig)608Berry
63Wallawa Hill608Yalwal
64Mount Moollattoo600Bundanoon
65Leebold Hill595Burrier
66Hunts Hill587Touga
67Mt Griffith Taylor580Caoura
68Gold Fever Hill575Touga
69Broughton Head (trig)572Kangaroo Valley
70Mount Edwards570Burrier
71Flume Hill553Touga
72Mount Woolnough540Caoura
73Timboolina (trig)521Burrier
74Mount Pollock520Caoura
75Byangee Mountain506Corang
76Fletchers Crown489Yalwal
77Billy Bulloos Crown480Caoura
78Mt Kingiman (spot height)430Milton
79Binya Hill (trig)427Kangaroo Valley
80Mount Phillips410Burrier
81Mogood Lookout (trig)394Brooman
82Stockwhip Hill390Burrier
83Purri Plateau390Burrier
84Boyne (trig)367Tabourie
85The Bump (SBW name)355Yalwal
86Jinkbilly Hill331Yalwal
87Mount Barron (trig)325Burrier
88Mount Coolangatta (trig)304Berry
89Durras Mountain (trig)285Kioloa
90Burrier Plateau268Yalwal
91Pointer Mountain252Milton
92Barringella Hill210Yalwal
93Cockatoo Hill200Kioloa
94Nowra Hill (trig)197Nowra
95Bherwerre (trig)170Sussex Inlet
96Moeyan Hill (trig)163Berry
97Pannikin Hill153Burrier
98Calymea (trig)144Yalwal
99Conjola Mount120Milton
100Pulpit Hill100Nowra