Three Years on the Road
Brett Davis


Part 1 - Sydney to Cairns

Chapter 1. Leaving Sydney
Chapter 2. Life Stories
Chapter 3. Beginnings
Chapter 4. Buying a House
Chapter 5. Our Finances
Chapter 6. The Start of the Coincidences
Chapter 7. Our First Milestones
Chapter 8. Murder and Lamingtons
Chapter 9. Pine Cones and Cane Toads
Chapter 10. Shopping at Pialba
Chapter 11. Fraser Island
Chapter 12. A Gaggle of Coincidences
Chapter 13. Victors and Losers, Possums and Paradise
Chapter 14. A Brush with a Turkey
Chapter 15. Our Hog Friends
Chapter 16. Sex on a Tropical Island
Chapter 17. Turtles, Tyres and the Thorsburn Trail
Chapter 18. Dicing with Death at Mission Beach
Chapter 19. The Palmerston Highway

Part 2 - Cape York and Lawn Hill

Chapter 20. A Month around the Cape
Chapter 21. The Gulf
Chapter 22. Lawn Hill
Chapter 23. Working at Lawn Hill
Chapter 24. Black Days at Lawn Hill
Chapter 25. Adel's Grove
Chapter 26. Snakes and More Coincidences
Chapter 27. Death in the National Park
Chapter 28. Birds
Chapter 29. Back to Sydney

Part 3 - Lord Howe Island

Chapter 30. Sailing to Lord Howe
Chapter 31. On Lord Howe
Chapter 32. Lord, Howe did we get Home?

Part 4 - Sydney to Darwin

Chapter 33. Hills and Pain, Cold and Rain
Chapter 34. Call me Curiosity
Chapter 35. Highs and Lows
Chapter 36. Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road
Chapter 37. A Severe Attack of Wind
Chapter 38. Adelaide and Kangaroo Island
Chapter 39. Out of Adelaide
Chapter 40. Wilpena Pound
Chapter 41. The Roadtrain Day
Chapter 42. In and Out of Coober Pedy
Chapter 43. The Marla Nightmare
Chapter 44. Following Azaria
Chapter 45. The One-Armed Cook
Chapter 46. Reaching the Centre
Chapter 47. In and Out of Alice
Chapter 48. The People You Meet
Chapter 49. North of Alice
Chapter 50. Bodily Functions
Chapter 51. Tenants in Tennant Creek
Chapter 52. Into the Never Never
Chapter 53. Water Water Everywhere
Chapter 54. The Best Swimming Hole in Australia
Chapter 55. The Keys to the City

Part 5 - Time in the Top End

Chapter 56. A Conversation in Darwin
Chapter 57. Darwin
Chapter 58. Kakadu
Chapter 59. Living in the Dreamtime
Chapter 60. Bashers and Falls
Chapter 61. Back to the Big Smoke

Part 6 - Tasmania

Chapter 62. Work
Chapter 63. Cradle Mountain
Chapter 64. The Walls of Jerusalem
Chapter 65. Freycinet
Chapter 66. Maria Island
Chapter 67. An Attempt to Mount Anne
Chapter 68. Frenchman's Cap
Chapter 69. Melaleuca and Lake St. Clair

Part 7 - Darwin to Perth

Chapter 70. Out of Darwin
Chapter 71. Heading West
Chapter 72. The Ord
Chapter 73. Brian
Chapter 74. The Bungle Bungles
Chapter 75. In and Out of Hall's Creek
Chapter 76. Derby
Chapter 77. Life on the Farm
Chapter 78. Sweeping into Broome
Chapter 79. Diary of the Two Week Tourists
Chapter 80. The Great Sandy Desert
Chapter 81. Port Hedland
Chapter 82. A Long Night in Point Samson
Chapter 83. Karratha
Chapter 84. Across the North-West
Chapter 85. North by North-West
Chapter 86. In and Out of Carnarvon
Chapter 87. Dings, Dolphins, Dugongs and Ditties
Chapter 88. Kalbarri
Chapter 89. Approaching Perth
Chapter 90. Perth Diary

Part 8 - Perth to Sydney

Chapter 91. Rotto
Chapter 92. South of Perth
Chapter 93. The South-Western Tip of Australia
Chapter 94. Heading East
Chapter 95. In Sickness and In Health
Chapter 96. The Road to Albany
Chapter 97. Albany
Chapter 98. Into the Mountains
Chapter 99. Towards Esperance
Chapter 100. Esperance
Chapter 101. A Twist of Fate
Chapter 102. The Nullarbor
Chapter 103. Going Home
Chapter 104. Last Days



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